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Warning: doxo May Improve Your Personal Finances

December 14, 2018
Using doxo means you are no longer required to deal with one of their most common complaints, which is often sorely outdated billing systems used by some companies. There is more, though; the doxo system starts protecting you from the very beginning, with a login system that uses a username and password, as well as a security question and image. Every stage of the login process appears on a new screen, which makes things far more difficult for hackers.

The entire doxo site and system are protected with bank-level security throughout, as is the phone and tablet app. This has been the case since doxo was founded a decade ago in Seattle by a number of venture capitalists and idea folks as prominent as Jeff Bezos of Amazon. His venture capital firm, Bezos Expeditions, played a major role in the founding was in on the founding. At the heart of the idea is the notion that paying a thankless chore and it should be easier for everyone. Consider this a warning; doxo may actually make bill paying fun. It will certainly make it easier.